The NEED for spit take laughter or Girls Night In!

Cocktails for your spit take?

When was the last time you did a spit take? You know, when someone makes you laugh so hard you spit your drink out. For me it was a recent Girls Night In. We’ve all read that study that tells us that getting together with our girlfriends, and I would imagine any friends, is actually good for our health. So, hey, great….we can continue to get together but now we don’t have to feel guilty. It’s good for our health! And with everyone tightening their belts these days, our former girls’ night out has transformed into girls night in, which I’ve got to say, has turned out to be an amazing turn of events. It’s cozier, we can wear whatever we’re already in, we all bring a dish & drink so we spend next to nothing and we can be as loud and bawdy as we want to be. Now I have always been a one on one friendship kind of gal. I enjoy the intimacy you get with that….I’ve never been one for surface-y chit chat….yep, I hated dating for that reason too! It wasn’t until I had my son that I really started forming a real group of girlfriends and it has been such a gift in my life. This group, and I include all my girls when I say that, has seen a lot. Childbirth, childhood disease, death of parents, cancer, divorce….and through it all we manage to laugh, to bitch, moan & cry, to support, to call, to cook, to wrangle kids and pets, to talk about the hard stuff and celebrate the good stuff. Okay, so back to the spit take. We’re in my friend’s cozy living room with candles, music, wine and food, chatting, telling stories when the hostess proceeds to bring up the subject of teaching our boys about personal hygiene. She’s standing and acting this out as she says, “So, I’m standing in the bathroom and I’m showing him how to apply his all natural deodorant and then I tell him to take his all natural powder and put a little in his hand and tap tap the ball sack so you’re fresh.”…..SPIT TAKE! The best part is that her son didn’t even flinch and proceeded to do just as his beloved Mama had instructed him to do! Meanwhile she tells her significant other and he says, “oh HELL no! Do you know how much shit his friends will give him if they catch him powdering his nuts?!” We’re crying at this point with howls of “I’m not even going there!” “Who does that?” ….”Can you see our grown sons in college doing this and their roomate going, ‘Dude, what are you doing?’ and our sons saying ‘what? Didn’t your mother ever teach you to powder your ball sack?” This went on for a good five to ten minutes of various scenarios and I tell you I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Oh yeah, good for the soul!


About Alisa

I'm a woman in "the middle place" living in a town we call "Mayberry". I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, cancer survivor.....taking care of my family and my people the best I can, living a life of quiet dignity as loudly as I can.
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