word of the day: gratitude…getting to put another candle on your birthday cake

awww, look what the Frenchman brought me

In the last few years, birthdays have taken on a whole new meaning for me. I can’t help but think, hey, I’m still here and I have the privilege of adding another candle on my birthday cake. When I was sick, whenever I saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand or having breakfast together at a local diner, I thought, “what a blessing….how lucky they are. Please let that be my husband and I one day.” The other day a friend told me of her family’s plan to all fly in to help her grandmother celebrate her 94th birthday and I immediately said out loud, “what a blessing!” To live that long, to have seen that much, to see your children blossom into who they are going to be, to see them become parents themselves. It’s the best we can hope for. Every so often I catch myself feeling survivor’s guilt. Why did I get to make it and others did not? Something I learned to accept was that the truth is, there are things we will never have answers for, things we may never understand. What we can do is accept this person’s or our own journey as just that….a journey…and pray that it leads us where we are supposed to be. And I have to remind myself that the best thing I can do to honor those we’ve lost is to give to others what they gave and taught me and to live the very best life I can. So, in the spirit of gratitude, here are a few things I am grateful for today.

1. Two gorgeous guys (one being my son) fighting this morning to give me kisses

2. The smell of freshly ground espresso beans….I literally take in a huge breath of it every   single morning. It makes me swoon out loud!

3. waking up to the facebook birthday wishes phenomenon and thinking, “guess what? It’s soooooooo nice!” 🙂

4.  My “Girls”

5.  Dinner parties with good friends….laughing, sharing, being close enough to cry right at the dinner table…the sound of kids going nuts in the back rooms.

6. Gold Class Cinemas! LOL. Going there for my birthday tonight….have you done this? Took my son to the last Harry Potter there…cushy recliner chairs, blanket, pillow….my son’s eyes were as big as saucers when the waiter brought him his red vines in a champagne flute!

7. The Eggs Benedict at King’s Road Cafe….they put the eggs on a half croissant. Are you kidding me?

8. Having a husband who still chases me around the bedroom after 20+ years. (That’s just an expression, right? Who does that, really? I think it might annoy me. He still wants me, ok? Good enough for me!)

9. Having my Mom. Having her live next door. Being a witness to her close, irreplaceable relationship with my son and to the simple goodness of her heart.

10. Guess I’ve stated this before, but the simple act of putting another candle on my birthday cake.

It can be one thing or ten things, simple or profound…..what are you grateful for today?


About Alisa

I'm a woman in "the middle place" living in a town we call "Mayberry". I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, cancer survivor.....taking care of my family and my people the best I can, living a life of quiet dignity as loudly as I can.
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One Response to word of the day: gratitude…getting to put another candle on your birthday cake

  1. tania fischer says:

    I love reading about your thoughts on birthdays. I was grateful that you came to celebrate my daughters birthday on your birthday! keep up the great thoughts!

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