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What do you want to be when you grow up?

We get that question from the time we’re able to talk, don’t we? And the answers seem so simple then, a fireman, a doctor, a teacher….I love my son’s answer, an inventor. And hey, sometimes it does come to pass, … Continue reading

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Minute meditations…yes, you DO have time to meditate!

I hear it all the time. “I should meditate, I know it would be good for me.” But it seems to be something that we all don’t think we have time for. I remember years ago reading an interview with … Continue reading

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Have you had your pink lady today?

Went to our neighborhood farmer’s market today and as “the apple guy” gave me a free apple to eat while picking out some pink ladies, I was reminded just how good it is to eat something in it’s natural state. … Continue reading

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So, what are you doing?… And other questions that scare us

So, I went to see an old drama school friend perform his new one man show the other night. It was my second time seeing it because the first time I was so moved and then so mad at myself … Continue reading

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Whose HOPE is it anyway?

Every single one of us, that’s who. I’m a little fired up today because of something that happened to my friend. Her name is Jen and she’s full of hope. Literally, she is an Ambassador of Hope with this organization. … Continue reading

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Can’t wait to watch the Commercial Bowl…I mean, the Super Bowl this weekend!

My husband has been on the road for the past two years, so consequently, my son and I have done a lot together and new little traditions have popped up. One such tradition is watching the Super Bowl together, or … Continue reading

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Respecting her choice…accepting a friend’s suicide

Losing a friend is hard. Letting go of someone who has chosen to not be in your life anymore, losing someone to an illness or an accident is horrible. Losing a close friend to suicide holds it’s own special sadness … Continue reading

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