It’s a facebook world…we’re just living in it

alone time

I’ve been noticing some interesting things since my self imposed social media hiatus. No one uses plain old email anymore! I got on facebook in 2008 and in that time facebook has become everyone’s go to medium for communication all over the world. In some ways, I completely embrace it. What happened in Egypt was incredible to watch. I love how when I’m planning a trip somewhere and I go to a travel site, it instantly gives me my friends’ recommendations and reviews. What a time saver! Most of all, I love seeing people’s photos of faraway places, their kids growing up and other fun things that people share. One of my friends was recently in Paris and he would tag me in all his photos from all my old haunts and it really took me there in little doses, which was so great. A piece of my heart still resides there.  I just want to remember to not replace all other communication with facebook and twitter. As fun as it is, nothing takes the place of a well timed phone call when a friend is going through a hard time. There is nothing like your friend or loved ones’ laugh, humor, encouragement, even shared tears. Those are moments only shared on the phone or even better, in person. We even connect on facebook with people who live down the street! What a sweet surprise it is when a girlfriend calls for a spontaneous coffee chat. Sometimes we just need a hug! I honestly do find I have more time and energy to oh, I don’t know, clean my house! I baked some gluten free bread made from coconut flour! And I’m back to the book I left half read a few weeks ago. Seeing my much emptier inbox has felt a little sad, but I just think well, everyone needs a little alone time. In fact, I think it’s something we need and crave. Since my son is home for the summer, I’ve had none and well, I think that’s why I haven’t written in the blog all summer. I thought it was because I just wasn’t inspired, but I need to be alone to gather my thoughts, to think things through and to write. So, I’ve decided to embrace this “alone time” as I try to strike a balance in this whole new world we’ve got going here. Can I choose the simple path AND be on facebook? I’m sure I can….I just have to, as Tim Gunn says, “make it work!”…by figuring out what the balance is for me.


About Alisa

I'm a woman in "the middle place" living in a town we call "Mayberry". I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, cancer survivor.....taking care of my family and my people the best I can, living a life of quiet dignity as loudly as I can.
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4 Responses to It’s a facebook world…we’re just living in it

  1. tiprin says:

    nice re-entry into the blog world. nothing forced-just space to let it come out naturally.
    good work mama

  2. lovely perspective and, while I’ve missed your posts of late, I too am seeking the balance between our busy lives that now includes these fascinating, yet consuming communication tools. cheers to your alone time!

  3. jeanne says:

    Well,it’s just the need for most of us to “connect”, that feeds these new forms, like FB , Twitter etc…and that’s a good thing. JC did it by walking through his world, then, A.G.Bell by the telephone, so I guess this is all “progress!” Or IS it?????? Not really, if you get TOO personally involved, or, if you find yourself kind of enslaved by it, to the exclusion of some really valuable stuff!?!?!?!? So, yep, a break is good, to evaluate, to properly file it into proportion…that’s the ticket!!! 🙂

  4. Smallpeace says:

    I liken your self-impossed fB break to doing a cleanse. You’re allowing yourself to mentally “check-in.” Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to experience a little depravation before we can gain a clearer perspective on how we consume—food, media, retail—whatever. Good for you. I’m inspired!

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