Before cancer, I think I always struggled to live in the moment. Having cancer taught me how to do it. The impetus for starting this blog was not so much that it be a survivor’s blog, even though in many respects of course that’s what it is, but a way for me to be a living, breathing example of what life will be after cancer….what it means to not choose stress, to choose life, to live in the moment and be your most authentic self. To pay attention and to remember the simple path.

We live in a cute little town whose inhabitants often call “Mayberry”. Who didn’t want to live in Mayberry, right? And who doesn’t long for the simplicity of those times? I think it  has come to represent a quaint neighborhood and community where people all know each other, where they are living lives of quiet dignity, loving their children and one another. My name is Alisa. Welcome!


One Response to About

  1. Smallpeace says:


    I am so happy to (finally) know about your blog. I can’t wait to read more. What’s more, I love that we both use “simple” in our subtitles. Perhaps there’s a revolution brewing.


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